Health Envoy

What is the Health Envoy Program?

The Health Envoy Program is a teamwork that supports teammates to improve their health and support them to live healthier and at the same time earn income.

It is a patient referral program that will generate income for ambassadors without making any changes in their lives and installing them with an additional workload.

How does it work?

When you decide to become our health ambassador, you only need to fill in the registration form and send it to us. From then on, we’re teammates.
Every patient from you saves you.
This program is a patient referral reference program. You have no legal obligation to the persons and persons you refer to.
The person or persons he directs is under the guarantee of our company and the hospital he goes to.
The Health Envoy Program is very simple. The health ambassador receives the right to receive the fee for this service when the treatment process of the receiving recipient is completed. Commission payments are deposited monthly to the bank’s bank account.

Advantages and Benefits

• The program ensures that health ambassadors receive discounts for their treatment or health improvement activities in contracted hospitals. The discount rate varies between 20% and 50% depending on the processing and processing.

• There is a 50% net gain for all persons coming to the system via Health Ambassadors, excluding taxes and expenses from proceeds from transactions. For example, suppose that the invoice value of all transactions of a person who comes through the health ambassador and makes the operation for adding hair is £ 2000 / euro / dollar. From such a transaction, the system’s revenue from the contracted hospital is 15% to 300 pounds / euro / dollar. The 50 pound / euro / dollar amount of this amount is the health ambassador’s benefit upon our agreement.

• Use our company’s office as a postal address. They can use their meeting and meeting rooms to arrange their meetings and meetings. They can conduct their business completely under a corporate roof.

• Our health ambassadors will prepare their web site and prepare them in a corporate manner. No fee will be charged for this website.

• Strategy and content support will be provided to the health ambassador’s advertising works.

• Invitations will be invited to experience sharing, motivation and training meetings at 5-star contracted hotels at regular intervals.

 We invite you to our team. We are a big family.

Health Envoy Testimonials

Jessica, Student from Stockholm University, Sweden

“Hi, I’m Jessica from Sweden. I made my nose surgery with Medifind. I had a limited budget for the transaction, so I negotiated the price of my medical travel package. The health ambassador program was mentioned and he told me that if I referred Medifind to three of my friends, I could earn half of my own operation with the commission I would earn. I knew that a few of the girls in the dormitory were thinking of going abroad for other cosmetic procedures, so I told them about Medifind and if we went on a trip together we would get an advantageous service that we would all be costing. We’re all health envoys. We enjoy being a health envoy and we continue to tell our family, friends and colleagues we continue to tell Medifind.”

Mehmet, Hairdresser in London, UK

“Hi, I’m a hairdresser in London. I heard of Medifind from one of my clients who did hair transplantation with them and who was also a health ambassador. Medifind works very professionally. The referral system applies a win-win method for the patient and the ambassador. My client was very satisfied with the treatment results. I had a lot of people asking me about a very good hair clinic in the treatment of FUE, so I decided to direct a few of my clients to Medifind. For several months, I continued to receive positive feedback from my customers about the services they received and received great results. That meant I wouldn’t continue. This is really good for me. Medifind health envoy network in May, I was the person who directed the most patients yönlendir in addition to the commission I got a nice holiday award. The system works very well without any problems.”

Georgina, Beauty Clinic Owner from UK

“My name is Georgina, I run a beauty clinic in Bristol. I met Medifind in London. His agents told me about the referral program. Before joining, I spoke to learn how happy they were with the service and treatment results of their previous patients. All of the patients I talked to said they would contact Medifind again if they needed any other treatment in dental or aesthetic surgery. Everyone was very satisfied with the results. I was convinced about the quality of Medifind and became a health envoy. I started to recommend Medifind to my customers.
Beauty is very important for my customers and they are willing to try surgical methods for better appearance. I refer to almost all of my customers as Medifind. I get a discount and I get commissions. It really works perfect for everyone!”

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