Why should I use MEDIFIND directly before contacting a clinic?

Traveling abroad for treatment may seem intimidating, obscure.

We are aware of the challenges of receiving health care in another country, in a foreign culture. For this reason, we accompany our patients at every stage of their treatment so that they always feel at home and never alone. We guarantee a safe and stress-free medical travel with MEDIFIND.

Medifind helps you to find the most appropriate hospital/clinic and doctor among hundreds of best hospitals/clinics and doctors that have certificate and are technologically top-level equipped. Medifind lists and offers you choices alternatively, so you won’t be limited to single hospital/clinic or doctor for in both terms of treatment and cost. Medifind presents you the right to choose the hospital/clinic and doctor evaluation and guarantees you get the most advantageous treatment in terms of the quality of service and cost. There is no room for surprises.

You can get the healthcare service from the provider you specify for much more affordable price.

Medifind provides you with the most reliable correct options, which allows you to re-interpret your diagnosis of your treatment with the second opinion service that allows you to reinterpret from the eyes of different doctors.

Your treatment is planned together, your appointments will be taken by us.

You will receive VIP service with Medifind’s privilege, not like the ordinary one who goes to the hospital/clinic.

We deal with the procedures that seem complex and complicated during your treatment such as having an appointment, reporting, register, hospitalization procedures etc., the patient’s relative focuses on the patient only, and the patient is interested in herself/himself, does not need to think about these procedures. The patients always have medical advisor together with them. We struggle with problems and details for you, you just focus on yourself.

The communication of patient’s relative and patient with doctors in the hospital is strong. The patient can ask anything she/he wants on the phone or face to face when she/he wishes.

We are always with you as a consultant and evaluation friend in the process of deciding the transactions to be made, evaluation and evaluation of the reports.

During the course of your treatment, you may need everything such as medication, medical equipment, etc. we will supply you with them quickly.

We are by your side out of the hospital while you are in Turkey and take care of your request and demand, we ensure that patients’ relatives spend quality time.

Your appointments are planned together and monitored by us.

If you have a treatment through MEDIFIND, we are always at your side until you are sure that you are safely back home from the moment you leave your home!

It is important to choose a reliable medical provider!

MEDIFIND is an international health tourism company committed to providing the highest standards to its users by combining the most effective treatment and lowest cost options for patients all over the world.

MEDIFIND is a model health tourism assistant company with a professional, strong and experienced team.

There are specially selected hospitals under MEDIFIND. This hospital network has been carefully selected by the medical team from the eyes of the patients.

All hospitals and clinics on Medifind.uk.com have been selected according to our quality standards and they are all respected organizations with national and international health accreditation.